I’m big into sports and pop culture, my Sunday’s are for knocking a few back with the boys and watching amazing athletes do what do best. Sports culture has always interesting to me. It's big it's in your face it's everywhere.  You see millions of people celebrating all over the world everyday, So I thought what if the art world was as big and over the top as our culture is for professional sports? what if art was put on the same pedestal as professional athletes? what if basketball stadiums filled up to watch Jackson Pollock and Paul Pierce for a 1 one 1 painting party? So I created a few mash ups with famous Artist and combined them with famous sport photography.  Putting Artist on the same level as Sports athletes. 


2016-2017 series


I took a few years off from this idea and I decided to venture back in 2016/2017. I took a different take on my mash ups this time. I Focused my paintings on video games and TV pop culture. Imagery from video games and TV shows. I use thrift replicas to set the scene of the Painting, 


Fun Facts:

Left side images are the original artist photography or work.

left side also has paintings I found in thrift stores before I painted over them.

Series  2009-2017

I am taking on Commissions, if you have an idea and like my Grid style please send me an email or give me a call. 
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