Artist Statement

Hi! I’m Gues5w0rk! I also go by ‘G”  or Guilherme. Here’s a little background on my ideas, artist statement and everything Behind the Gues5w0rk project over the last few years. Enjoy! 

(To give some back story) I went on like a 10 year artist freeze where I did some Commission work on the side. 

Because I suck at artist statement I formulated my ideas interview style for you below.


Why the name Gues5w0rk?

I have a few answers for this.

  1. I’m not be biggest fan of Guilherme as a name.

  2. My Panting Process is a ton of guess work. I don’t get to see the finished product till I remove the grid. So Gues5w0rk made sense to me. 

  3. My unique spelling is because I love electronic music so I took the 5 from Deadmau5. 

  4. I do have other names I considered like Gridiclous and Grandfather Monopoly, I think pseudonyms are great.

Why use a Grid?

I really need to give 2 artist credit for my ideas. Invader and Chuck Close. (So many amazing artist influenced my work but I gotta credit these two the most) 

Chuck Close for his painting process and use of a grid to map out his work. A Grid keeps me grounded on a massive big painting. Instead of working on large painting as a whole I can Manage a massive project a few inches at a time. Sure the finished product isn’t nothing like Chucks work by any stretch of the imagination, but the fundamentals are the same.


Invaders Rubikcubist series. Visually, i think anyone can see the similarities in the content and style, but way too many artist have used rubik cubes for making beautiful art. I still very much want to paint. I like to think of Gues5w0rk as a Chuck Close/Invader burger with a little of everything else on top.

How are your paintings a guess if you use a grid to map everything out?

 I think this video below how different the mold looks from finished work. Once the mold is removed you can’t go back. I can only control what I can see. What happens under the mold it up to Gravity and what the paint wants to do. Hence the name Gues5w0rk.

How long does a painting take to make?

At least a month…setting up the grid is the longest part. I’ve been working on one painting for over 4 months now. 

How does it feel to remove the grid and see your finished painting.

Like being a kid on Christmas morning opening gifts. One thing I learned from this process is the paint needs to dry for a few day.