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Artist Statement

Guilherme Martinez received his BFA in Fine Art from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2009.  His studies primarily focused on conceptual work, and his most notable work addresses the constraints of two-dimensional painting by breaking the boundaries into the third dimension.  His seemingly warped, abstract frames are draped with stretched canvas that folds, wrinkles, and protrudes from the frame, forcing the viewer to question traditional norms of painting and fine art.  The amorphic works have a unique demanding aesthetic presence that draws in the viewer to confront the conceptual issues that he has presented. Main Artist inspiration came from Frank Stella,

Guilherme Martinez began his signature Grid Paiting Praictce

ctice in the beginning 2019 as a experimental idea on how to control paint in a way that would look like a pixel when complete. Using a plastic grid and other molds

 to hold the paint or a vew hours. sometimes days the paint would harden. The finishe painting cna take a month to complete and due to the plastic mesh holding the grid together cant be removes till the painting is complete.

in place he was able to create this pixlated images of content from the internet. Many of the painting are in the same size of the image found online. The quality and size on the internet is burried or pixlated. When convreated to cancas or wood panel it makes the viewer have 2 exmpeicens. Once of the image and contetn from afar and another experince (Much licke the colorfied arts of the 70's up close where the image turns to absitract grids and colors.





practice in theThe internet is a never ending the amount of contnet you can use and make your own. Pixels are nore more but the inofmraoton in a imahe the quality of the product online. May of the photos are not bigger tha a few inished nd Chuck Close's Grid paintings and some of the biggest influences of this body of work. Using loud flat colors on a Using a special Grid Guilherme  Paints Pixel like works that look as if they could have been created an 8 bit video game. Guilherme uses the grid to control were the layer go in his painting. Not being allow to see 100 percent of the painting till the grid is removed, Much of the painting is left to chance. 

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