Experimental Portait Negative/Postive Transfer

Breakdown of idea

This series of work happened by complete accident. While developing film I fired off in my 50 gallon pinhole. All my negatives from my pinhole were over exposed and ruined. I was pretty annoyed at this point. I placed my painting on top of the light box while I gathered all my negatives and packed up for the evening. Thankfully, I glanced over at the light box before turning it off. I noticed my paintings transparency. The back side of the painting showed all these interesting layers on the light book that might not be visible normally. This inspired my series and to this day I still process experimental photo from painting or drawings in the dark room.

I treat my Paintings and Drawings like giant negatives.  Exposing them just like you would a negative under the enlarger. This series explores all the different results from my transfers.

Series 2009-2011 

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