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Experimental Portait Negative/Postive Transfer

This series of work happened by complete accident. I was developing some film I fired off in my 50 gallon pinhole. It was a late evening in the darkroom.  I usually carry a few projects with me so had a small painting I was working on. All my negatives from my pinhole were over exposed and ruined. I was pretty annoyed at this point. In the middle of clean up I placed my painting on top of the light box while I gathered all my negatives and packed up for the evening. Thankfully I glanced over at the light box before turning it off. I noticed the Canvas is transparent. I  starred at the painting for a while intrigued by all the unique layers of paint. It was like I created a painting I have saw before it was a portal to parallel universe. A portal that could only be seen by exposing the paint from the front side of the image.

I treated my Paintings and Drawings like giant negatives.  Exposing them just like you would a negative under the enlarger. This series explores all the different results from my light transfers.

Series 2009-2011 

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